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Capital Group: Can midterm elections move markets? 5 charts to watch

In a year when soaring inflation, the war in Ukraine and a bear market have commanded headlines, the U.S. midterm elections risked becoming an afterthought. Click here to read more. 

CNBC: 65% of Americans are doing ‘the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to,’ says investing expert—here’s what to do instead

If your favorite store was offering 13% off the merchandise, chances are you’d be filling up your shopping cart. But if you’re like many Americans, you may find you’re not quite as enthusiastic about a markdown when it comes to buying stocks. Click here to read more. 

Capital Group - Outlook 2022: Long-Term Perspective on Markets and Economies

Powerful trends have transported the world’s major economies back to where they stood just before the pandemic: firmly in late-cycle territory. 
Click here to read the Capital Group - Midyear Outlook 2022