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Girls' Day Tea

Girls' Day Tea

March 14, 2023

Girls' Day (Hina Matsuri) is celebrated on March 3rd.  We celebrated with certificate presentations and a Japanese Tea Ceremony with a meal.  Three students received certificates:  Miyuki Miyamori, Jessica Diaz-Drake, and Aki Minamoto Stewart.  All the students helped with the preparation of the meal and tearoom.  We had special guests:  the Honorary Counsel General of Japan, Kathleen Blakely, Sensei & Mr. Sensei’s daughter Grace Inuma Hutchings, and granddaughter Lisa Abe, Miyuki’s boyfriend Paul, Aki’s husband Derrick, Jessica’s daughter Aynsley, and parents Lisa and Jaime.

Kathleen Blakely spoke during kosen (a cherry blossom flavored water).  The guests walked the path to the tearoom.  Certificates were presented.  A charcoal ceremony was performed with charcoal my husband made.  Then I made thick tea for 14 guests.  We had a bento box lunch made by my students.  Kazuko Underhill performed a thin tea ceremony.  It was a  four hour event that was enjoyed by all.

 Watch a video from the day below!